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Current Course Spring 2014

Three Sessions, Wednesdays on March 5, 12 and 19, 2013 - 10:00 to 11:30 AM
at the Hamilton, NY Public Library Community Room

“Graphics and Photo Editing for Windows Users”  
This course will cover different graphics file formats and several programs used to create, modify, and enhance images, photos, and graphics. The three 90-minute sessions will consist of lectures with live demonstrations of various image processing procedures. The objective is to allow the casual user to produce photos, graphics, slide shows, and documents with the graphics features and quality the user desires. Ample time will be allocated to Q&A.

Sessions 1 &2:

  • Background on digital photography
  • Explanation of pixels and the relationship of Megapixels to photos, cameras and TVs
  • Transferring photos to a computer for editing from a camera, smart phone or tablet
  • Editing software and how to get it
  • Working with photos
  • Making slide shows on a CD or DVD


Session 3:

  • Short review of the principles followed by live demonstrations with attendees on laptop computers that  they bring to the class.

Facilitator: Harvey L. Kliman, Ph.D.           Relevant Experience

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