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“Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010”

This course encompasses the basic principles and practice of using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 for the average adult user. It includes navigating PowerPoint and its workings, an overview of styles, and photo albums, with a focus on the principles that will guide users to productive and enjoyable computer use. Several model documents will be created in the session illustrating basic principles of PowerPoint.  The information will also be useful for PowerPoint 2007 and many principles apply to PowerPoint 2003 but the navigation may be different in those versions.

Handouts: Session Outline    PDF icon            How to make a Photo Show      PDF icon

Session Slides

PowerPoint Slides

                  The same slides saved as a movie from PowerPoint
                                             You will likely need to pause & play to read the slides.

                                           This movie is an example of one made directly from PowerPoint.    .       Icon Movie 


Date & Time: Wednesday April 11, 2012 from 10:00 – 11:30 am
Location: Hamilton, NY Public Library Community Room
Facilitator: Harvey L. Kliman, Ph.D. 

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