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Harvey has a long history in working with computer systems, including Windows, DOS, Macintosh, Palm and Hewlett Packard operating systems during his technical career and in retirement.  Recently he’s working with Android on a cell phone & tablet.  Harvey also has created and runs several web sites for nonprofits.

l 1970s

    l Hewlett Packard workstations (9825, 9835, 9845) TRS-80
    l Supported 30 HP desktop computer users

l 1980s

    l Set up first email system in lab – 9 terminals
    l HP scientific computing – software patent
    l 1st real portable laptop – HP Portable+

l 1990s

    l Ran small Macintosh group – had Mac SE, II, SE server

l 2000’s

    l Windows PC & Laptop for home & consulting, IT at small startup company
    l Still using 1990’s DOS 5.2 HP palmtop, 2005 Palm Pilot, an HTC Android phone, and a Samsung Note 10.1 tablet,  along with a few PCs and laptop computer

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