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The first two sessions of the  course will  cover the basics of digital photography for the novice computer user.  The lecture demonstrations will cover the structure of digital photos, from pixels to megapixels and their relationship to photo quality.  Tranfer of photos from camera, phones and tablets will be covered and several programs to edit and organize photos on a Windows 7 (or 8) computer. How to get and use editing programs will be included.  The third session will be hands on help for people who bring a laptop.


Photo Editing Slides



  1. Glossary  PDF icon
  2. How to get and install Microspft Photo Gallery (if not already on your computer)  PDF icon
          Link to Microsoft Photo Gallery
  3. How to get Windows Photo Viewer (if not already on your computer)  PDF icon      
      Link to Windows Photo Viewer

  4. How to get and install Irfanview photo editor     PDF icon              Link to Irfanview

  5. “Is Nature Photography Too Beautiful?” article (3 pages)     PDF icon


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